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The Economy & Environment Are One


As the world shrinks, weaving sustainability into current business practice becomes more of a competitive advantage for companies of all sizes. 


Verdant HFC helps clients win

Through extensive assessment, Verdant HFC determines how your organization can drive efficiency and save money by implementing effective sustainable solutions.

We use proven strategies to deliver innovative, wealth creating and competitively advantageous outcomes throughout our clients' organizations. We reshape the opportunities within client companies for corporate social and environmental responsibility and help individuals and partners see these changes as opportunities.

Our engagements focus on evaluating your company's goals, processes, and productivity in order to  identify hidden opportunities and implement a triple bottom line strategy that can be practiced on a daily basis.  We recover lost profit embedded in waste of all kinds and help you navigate a practical, profitable path to measurable results.

Engagements include:

  • Sustainability Planning
  • Reporting & Disclosure
  • Education & Development
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Carbon Offset Strategy


Verdant HFC Sustainability Consulting is part of the HFC Global Inc. family of companies - dedicated to providing solutions for your business' future in world dealing with climate change, globalization and an ever-increasing population.

With locations in Chicago and Kansas City, Verdant HFC advises organizations to actively manage their social and environmental impacts within their own communities and across the globe.